The Big Magic of Small Things

Aizaz Baqir
6 min readAug 2, 2022


Also remember that even a little creature like an ant can kill the whole elephant. It is believed that when the ant enters the trunk of the elephant, it finds it hard to breathe because its nostrils are blocked and as a result of this elephant dies when an ant enters his trunk. And according to some sources, as ant gets into the elephant’s ears and trunk and gnaws and nibbles, the pachyderm, after some time, goes completely crazy and dies from exhaustion.

Anyone who wants to change their life for the better must know this.

However, there are two kinds of people: One who think that change will come from the outside and when the entire world will change or get reformed, their problems will be automatically solved; other are clueless as what to do on their own. First kind of the people live in a utopia and are destined forever to wait for some miracle or messiah and second type just need to change there perspective as well as routine. Thus I would, once more, like to point out that one doesn’t need to make a huge effort to change their life, but to bring small changes in their routine and perspective. As simple as that.

It is also said that making small changes is like having a “Fun Bucket”. This is where all your loose change finds home. When this bucket gets filled up to the brim, you can utilize the same for some big or urgent purpose. One can not bring about a big change all at once, one just has to start small while planning big.

In addition, sometimes, a little change in perspective also saves you a lot of trouble and embarrassment to boot) as the following interesting anecdote (about the wit of a English literary giant George Bernard Shaw while facing his ideological diametric opposite G.K, Chesterton in a narrow London alley) may show:

“According to a version of the story, one day both approached a narrow London alley from either end. Normally, one waits at one’s end for the other to pass, because two persons can’t cross without discomfort. However, even after seeing each other, both advanced simultaneously. Face-to-face midway, glaring but without a word, one finally turned aside to let the other pass. As he brushed past, GK Chesterton bellowed, “I don’t give way to fools.” Quick was Shaw’s whisper: “But I do.”

Thus instead of getting furious, one must remain calm and alert to diffuse any probable tense situation. Tension only adds up to the mess.


These are, at the same time, rare suggestions in the form of minor/small changes that may transform your daily boring, and exhausting routine of life into a very much passionate, thrilling, interesting, rejoicing and satisfying activity.

I) Breathe consciously and deeply for, at least, 10 minutes after you wake up in the morning while still lying on your bed.It will improve your concentration power and at the same time relax your mind. After you get up, drink a glass of water and, if possible add a lemon.

2) Spend more time in nature or natural environment. Daily visit a nearby park and have some exercise too. running or jogging for twenty minutes makes a big difference. Spending more time in nature also reduces anxiety levels. It is a proven fact.

3) Always be kind and willing to help and to give away even if this means a little amount of money or something to some poor (even if you yourself are in dire straits) who will say thanks to you (in case you claim to be secular) and pray too (if you are a believer) and make you feel better. Even giving someone your smile is an act of great generosity.

4) Cut negative people from your life. Solitude is better than the company of silly nagging people who are more a torment than a relief. Reading good books is the best substitute. Cutting negative people does not mean that we hate them but have to keep away from them without hating them.

Remember, we don’t hate snakes or other poisonous insects, but we must remain careful so that their poison doesn’t harm or kill us.

5) Never make comparisons and know that everyone among us has unique gifts and traits and everyone is walking their own path. You also have to walk your own path and reach your own destiny. An accountant is as important a person as a doctor, And a sweeper, cobbler or tailor is also as important and respectable as the president of the United States of America. Never deem someone inferior to you nor feel yourself inferior to others who seem more successful than you.

6) Eat without distraction and try to abstain from talking or laughing or do/say any thing that diverts your attention from eating. Make eating a sacred activity and it will make a big difference. Mindful eating not only is good for your digestive system but also gives you a sense of choosing a healthy food. Also try not to eat alone as sharing is a great thing to do.

Sharing doesn’t make you poor, but doubles the blessing or happiness.

7) Devote some moments of your daily life for reflection. Sometimes even the smallest change in your behaviour can trigger a tremendous personal transformation.

8) Throw a party for friends and relatives, at least, once a month and your social life will be greatly enriched.

9) Sending small gifts , occasionally, to the people you like/love also makes a great difference. It can even be a self made little bouquet or just a flower.

10) Always pay attention to the people around you and let them share their pains and joys with you. Don’t become self centered. Sharing other people’s problems/sufferings also relieves your own pain.

11) Lead a simple life it will reduce a lot of stress. Remember that rat race can’t turn anyone into a lion

12) Make it a habit to daily read any inspirational material for, at least, 10 minutes, and benefit from the wisdom of great philosophers of past as well as our own times. You don’t always need to read huge philosophical book. Instead even reading a book of great sayings and proverbs may add up to your wisdom and insights.

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